Buy Cotton Grass Bear Art Print Artist Proof 9″ x 13″

Art Print from an Original Painting by artist Gail Niebrugge

Wildlife Art Print – “Cotton Grass Bear”

9” x 13” Offset Lithograph
600 Edition SOLD OUT
Issue Price $48.00

60 Artist Proofs

Original acrylic/watercolor painting 14″x18″ SOLD

Absorbed in photographing cotton grass, Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge was unaware that a Grizzly bear approached.  As she raised her head her eyes locked into the eyes of a Grizzly bear.  Time was suspended.  Her retreat seemed like an hour, but actually took seconds.  Cotton Grass Bear limited edition print  SOLD OUT, is available as a mini giclee print and as a fine art Note Card.  A limited number of Artist Proofs may be available, order here online.


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