Coating the Surface With Acrylic Gel

This is the part that separates my painting technique from a pure watercolor.  I carefully coat the under painted watercolor with a layer of acrylic gel.  If I use too much water in the gel it will smudge the under paint, it takes just the right amount of gel/water to work.  I don’t mind if it shows brush strokes, so I use it pretty thick.  I’m getting excited to start laying in the acrylic paint on top, its been quite awhile since I’ve painted in this manner.

Gail Niebrugge, artist

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  1. This sounds like an interesting technique. I am enjoying learning several different mixed media techniques such as effects created with citrasolv, gel medium, and layering papers. I am enjoying your watercolor paintings.

  2. Amanda, that sounds fascinating. What is citrasolv? Do you write about it on your blog? Gail

  3. Amanda, that sounds fascinating. What is citrasolv? Gail

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