A Soft Blanket for Princess

Princess has found a new place to snooze. It looks quite comfortable.

A Whole Lot of Snoring Going On

We have the pleasure of taking care of Emma for a few days while her owners tend to family business. Emma is an old lab with hip problems, but that doesn’t keep her from taking her daily walk. I’m getting ready to go downstairs and wake everyone up because it is time to take our […]

Princess Snowflakes

We’ve been having small snow flurries for the past several days, Princess was covered in snowflakes during our last walk.

Walking in the Fall

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray….I went for a walk on a winter’s day (actually Fall). The lyrics of the Mammas and the Papas song just kept whirling through my head on our walk today.

National Dog Day; Miss Princess

A sweeter more loving dog cannot be found. Miss Princess adds joy to our lives all day long.

The Princess Reigns

I have been bogged down for several days (nearly a week) in computer and printer issues.  I’ve been working with I Fix PC 24/7 trying to debug the computer and to get my printers back online.  So far all is fixed except the main printer that I use everyday.  It is showing up as a […]

Two Puppies

Princess loves to play with this overstuffed puppy I’ve had on the bed for many years.  She often drags it around the bedroom chewing on its ears or nose.

Princess in the Sunshine

This is the time of the year when sunshine floods the living room in the late afternoon and I have to pull the shades if we want to see the news on T.V.  It is also a favorite place for Princess to curl up and take an afternoon snooze.  Outdoors it is sunny, warm and […]

New Bully Stick for Princess

Princess loves to chew on Bully Sticks, especially when they are brand new.  Several short, chewed-down versions are scattered about the house.  This morning I gave her a brand new one and it has kept her happy for hours lying on her towel on the sofa in the studio.

Puppy Damage

Noooooo!!!!!  Not my leather Barcalounger!  Do they have such a thing as white duct tape?

Third Pair Destroyed

We are slow learners, this is the third pair of glasses Princess puppy has destroyed in several weeks.  Bob just got a new pair to replace the two pair of his that she mangled, now she attacked mine!  I’ve got to get over the habit of leaving them on the night stand (I don’t need […]

Ribbons for the Princess

Princess made a trip to Scrub-A-Mutt in Palmer, Alaska for a bath and grooming today.  She was getting pretty grungy because our focus has been on helping Bob to get better, and she has been pretty well fending for herself.  Every day a different friend volunteered to take her for the day.  Well, were we […]

Puppy Playtoy?

Aaaaaarrrrggghhh!  Dang!  Not only do we have to purchase new glasses but have to get a new eye exam.  Three weeks for the appointment, I’m going to try Costco to see if we can do this any faster.  Princess is on my list at the moment, and it is not the nice list!

Walking the Puppy

Grey, cloudy skies and brisk winds did not stop the daily puppy Princess walk in the neighborhood.  Bob and Princess are bundled up and stayed nice and warm.

New Kennel for the Puppy

Chris Mues, a great carpenter and friend, is building a kennel for puppy Princess off the side of the house.  He installed a doggie door into the wall from the living room and built a little porch outside the door with a ramp down into the kennel. The kennel will have wire fencing over the […]

Princess With A Bow

Princess went to the groomer today and got a little top knot with a Halloween colored bow!  She smells so good and is so soft and shiny.  We need to do this more often 🙂

Princess in Her New Plaid Coat

Here is the Princess wearing her new sheepskin plaid coat.  It was 21 degrees this morning and she was toasty warm.  Spoiled?  Naw.

Puppy Mischief

Puppy Princess decided to get into mischief this morning, she knocked over my coffee cup full of chocolate coffee spilling it down the side of a light colored upholstered chair, all over the floor and down the sides of a roll-around set of drawers full of photos.  Yikes!  After cleaning this mess I found her […]

Strolling Gold Mint Trail

With golden leaves falling rapidly we decided to take a hike in Hatcher Pass on the wide, well-groomed Gold Mint trail.  It was a perfect place for Princess, many people and dogs were enjoying the sunshine and she was excited to see each and every one!  The sun was shining, air was crisp and warm, […]

Puppy Destruction

This is a corner of my favorite rug, now trashed by Princess puppy.  Caught her red-handed with a long piece of yarn hanging out of her mouth.  Dang!

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