Waiting for Pa Pa

So sorry sweetheart, Pa Pa is gone forever.

Princess Sunshine

As the winter sun streamed in the window, Princess found a nice place to enjoy the warmth.

Princess is Four Years Old!

She had her birthday on October 29, I can’t believe we’ve had her for almost four years! She is a constant joy and a big love bug.

Immature Bald Eagle Eying Potential Lunch

This juvenile Bald Eagle hung around watching the lake and then eying Princess. We took Princess inside for safety. Her outdoor kennel has a wire mesh roof for just this very situation.

Pretty Princess

Princess went to the groomer yesterday and got a bath and trimmed. Now she is very pretty and smells so good! She loves going to Scrub-a-Mutt in Palmer.

Princess Tulip

A black lab puppy bit miss Princess just above the left eye yesterday. She needed stitches, the vet said she was so lucky that it didn’t injure the eyeball.

Nine Degrees this Morning

It turned cold, this morning when I went to take puppy Princess for a walk it was nine degrees. We did a very short walk.

Hard Frost this Morning

The temperature dropped to 24 degrees yesterday morning, giving us a hard frost. It was crunchy walking on the grass with Princess puppy.

Somebody Went to the Groomer

Miss Princess spent all day yesterday at the groomer, she smells so nice and her fur is soft and fluffy. She even has a bow on her top knot!

Lap Dog

Now this is more like it, Princess puppy in her favorite spot on Bob’s lap.

Princess on Her Pillow

Princess is never far from me, she follows me everywhere and always finds a place to sleep while she waits for my next move. Looks like she has latched onto a sofa pillow today. While I am at the computer in the studio she takes over the entire sofa, I leave a towel covering it […]

Miss Princess

She is no longer a puppy, just a little over two years old. I don’t know how we got along without a dog, because she dominates our world now. She runs upstairs in the morning and jumps on my bed, walks across my sleeping body and licks my face. Time to go potty please. And, […]

Princess New Summer Haircut

Scrub-a-Mutt gave Princess a good trimming for summer. We got rid of all the “feathers” on her feet and any long hair on the legs. Overall her hair is quite a bit shorter, which is good, because she was attracting stickers like she was a magnet. I took her on her walk today, and viola! […]

Grandpa and Grandson

My boys taking Princess for a walk. So sweet.

Dog Man

My grandson Reilly attracts dogs like a magnet. Here Princess is on his lap and his dog Scout is on the floor under his knees. Reilly helped us out around the yard the other day, got the kayaks down and on to the dock, and put out the floating “Bird Nesting Area” sign on the […]

Door View

This is one of Princess favorite places to sit, she can see people coming and going, dogs roaming, and everything else that happens on our street in front.

Bob With Helper Princess

This is the time of the year to clean up the deadfall and dead leaves. Soon it will be warm enough to plant, so getting the ground ready now saves time later. The weather is nice outside, no need for a jacket. I love this time of year.

Princess And Her Bully Stick

Her favorite chewing stick, she chews them down to small nubs. Bully Sticks must have a good flavoring because she never hesitates to grab one and settle down for a long gnaw. I make sure there is one in each car and one in her kennel. We trip over all the others that are scattered […]

Walker in the Snow

Rain, Hail, Sleet or Snow, nothing stops the daily potty walk for Princess!

Miss Princess Gets Groomed!

A nice bath, fluff dry her beautiful fur, add some bows and viola! A beautiful Miss Princess!!

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