The ducks are here today, gone tomorrow.  Fun to watch.

Breakfast of Rose Bushes

Two young moose showed up yesterday and chowed down on my rose bushes that are loaded with Rose Hips.

Ducks And Ice

A thin sheet of ice is forming along the shallow edges of the lake where the weeds grow, forcing the ducks to search for food in deeper water.

Duck Invasion

Mom Of Eight

There are three families of Mallard ducks nesting along the shore of our lake, they come up onto the lawn several times a day to eat the cracked corn that I put out. The babies are adorable!

Male and Female Mallard

These two have been showing up on the lawn regularly, I have a feeling that some babies will be trailing along soon.

The Grebes are back!

The pair of Red Necked Grebes that nest here every summer have returned. Last year they hatched eight babies.

Snow Birds

The other day during the snow storm a flock of tiny birds swarmed my trees.

Ring Neck Pheasant Visitor

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of an unusual bird walking in the woods alongside our front lawn. I grabbed my camera and got a couple of shots before the Pheasant disappeared into the brush. I wonder if he is domestic, pheasants are not normally seen in this part of Alaska.

Duck Migration

The ducks are migrating south, they stop here for a little rest on the lawn, then take off all together and continue their journey.

Bald Eagle

A week ago this huge Bald Eagle landed on a tree next to the frozen lake. The next day our neighbors reported that their cat was missing. You think???

The Resident Muskrat

This little guy lives under the dock burrowed into the soft mud bank. I rarely get to see him. Once the lake is frozen we will see his bubble trails, occasionally he will appear beneath our feet under the clear ice.

Ducks on Ice

No Bald Eagle today so the ducks are back in force!

Bald Eagle

Yesterday there were no ducks along shore, and that seemed a bit strange. Maybe they all flew south at once. Then I spotted the reason, a Bald Eagle was sitting in a tree posted like a sentry watching for something to eat. Smart ducks!

Lawn Ducks

This is ridiculous, time to fly south! Get going, it was 38 degrees this morning!

Duck Poop Dock

Hey guys, weren’t you supposed to be flying south?

Six Visitors

We are down to six visitors now, after a whopping total of 32 a few days ago. They have pretty much eaten up all the corn that was spread on the lawn, now they are after the sunflower seeds that have fallen from the bird feeder. I’ve got to have a talk with Bobs caregiver […]

Duck Invasion

While I was away traveling in Seward Bobs caregiver decided to feed the ducks. There were over 32 ducks on the lawn when I returned and they have taken over the dock. I have a note on the bucket of cracked corn now saying “Please Do Not Feed the Ducks”. Lots of poop everywhere.

Two Bunnies

Yesterday I spotted two domestic rabbits feeding in the yard. Fortunately my vegetable garden is in raised beds so they couldn’t decimate the lettuce and tender young starts. The last I saw, they were happily hopping down the road away from our house. Such a shame to dump domestic rabbits into the wild, I have […]

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