Our Son’s Birthday Bash in Seward, Alaska

From left to right, Janine’s sister Michele and brother-in-law Barry from Brea, California, Bob, son Ron, and daughter-in-law Janine having dinner at Chinook’s on the waterfront in Seward, Alaska, before the big party.The view of Seward’s Harbor from the upstairs at Chinook’s where the birthday bash was held last Saturday night.  A good time was […]

Red Fox at Talkeetna, Alaska

During our two day stay at Talkeetna with our son, photographer Ron Niebrugge, and his wife Janine, we encountered this friendly red fox.  Ron stopped the car, hopped out and squatted down in the roadway,  the fox approached carefully, paused for a second, then turned and trotted away.  A magical brief encounter.  Later we saw […]

Old Friends meet at Kennicott, Alaska

Bob and I were blessed to be able to visit and share lunch during our stay at Kennicott with two old friends and collectors of my artwork, Eric and Patty Yould.  These adventurous people spend part of the year in Palmer, Alaska, and the other part at their gorgeous cabin and airstrip at Nizina, Alaska […]

Artist Explores the Base of the Kennicott Glacier, Alaska

Glacier terrain is always changing and the Kennicott is no exception.  This giant glacial moraine made up of both the Kennicott and the Root glaciers, deep in the heart of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska, is receding.   100 years ago it towered approximately 300 feet higher than it is today.  The glacier terminates […]

Major Reconstruction at Kennecott Mines, Alaska

Heavy equipment and workers are everywhere at the Kennecott Mines National Historic Landmark, shoring up the 16-story mill building with new cribbing, steel beams and stabilization efforts are ongoing.  Other buildings with new foundations and roofs are being repainted, it is a welcome sight.    

Great Dining at Kennicott Glacier Lodge, Alaska

During my week at the Kennecott Mines National Historic Landmark gathering new research for future paintings, I enjoyed “wilderness gourmet” food, including freshly baked bread and pastries, daily green salads, and perfectly prepared entrees such as Alaska salmon, New York steaks, Cornish game hens, and home made desserts.  Here is one of my favorite cooks […]

Kennicott Glacier Lodge an Artists Paradise

Husband Bob and I stayed all week at our favorite place in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska, the Kennicott Glacier Lodge.  Pictured is the main lodge, the south wing is directly behind me.  Owner Rich Kirkwood and his beautiful daughter Christina are walking up the road together to the south wing.  I have known […]

Niebrugge Visits Historic Gilahina Trestle, Alaska

We just returned from a week-long trip to McCarthy-Kennicott, Alaska, situated deep in the heart of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.  The drive from Palmer took about 5.5 hours with few stops.  We snacked on food from home in the car during the drive, not wanting to stop along the way to eat.  I am […]

37 Years Painting McCarthy-Kennicott, Alaska

“Kennicott;Stabilized” 9″x12″ limited edition print 600 hand signed by artist Gail Niebrugge. Original painting 36″x47″ SOLD Yesterday I spent all-day, 8 hours, creating a digital slide show of my 37 years painting McCarthy-Kennicott, Alaska, to be shown to the guests at the Kennicott Glacier Lodge, Wednesday evening August 7.  It was a huge task because […]

Artist Visits Kennicott, Alaska

Husband Bob and our guests Arlene and Bob Shuster standing on the porch of my favorite place, the Kennicott Glacier Lodge.  We spent a lovely day touring, the road from Chitina is in the best condition I’ve ever seen.  Bob and I will return to the lodge in August and I will give a slide […]

ATV Ride for Ice Cream

Father and daughter, Bob and Tawny, take out our coveted little 4×4 ATV’s and rode the trail to Tawny’s favorite ice cream place, Little Millers.  It has been fun to have our daughter visit, and sometimes we even get to see our granddaughter who has been very busy with her best girlfriends.  It is the […]

Last Day at Bear Camp

Our guide suggested hiking through the woods to a nearby lake where canoes are available to use.  Stepping over fresh bear scat along the trail made us cautiously check the nearby brush for bears.  At the lake we could see black bears, we saw two on our last trip three years ago.  Our guests were […]

Boars and Sows Everywhere and a Cub!

Our guests and guide were delighted to experience the first sighting of a cub for the season.  It was too early for the spring cubs to show up yet, the boars were still around and are dangerous to them, but a tiny, fuzzy cub from last summer appeared with its mama one sunny afternoon.  It […]

Bear Camp Beach Landing

After a busy four days with our guests we flew to a bear viewing lodge in Lake Clark National Park and landed in a Cessna 180 on the beach.  Bears were spotted in the sedges as we prepared to land.  Four wheelers towing trailers met us to haul our gear to the cabins.Within the hour […]

Fun, Funky Downtown Talkeetna Alaska

It has been a few years since we’ve visited Talkeetna, Alaska, last Wednesday we took our guests there.  It was a gorgeous, sunny, clear day and on the spur of the moment Kyle and Ned decided to take a flight tour of Mt. McKinley and land on a glacier.  While our guests flew we enjoyed […]

Arrived in Alaska in a Blizzard

This photo of the Diamond Princess was taken at the dock in Whittier, May 18, 2013!  We arrived home in a blizzard, colder than a witches snot, we’ve been talking ’bout Alaska, ever since the weather got hot.  I’m goin’ to Alaska, and that’s a fact. Yeah, we’re stayin’ in Alaska, won’t ever be bushwhacked.  […]

Medical Evacuation at Adak, Alaska

Sometime during the second Monday on board the Diamond Princess somewhere at sea in the Pacific Ocean a passenger became seriously, dangerously ill and needed medical services far beyond those available at the ship medical clinic.  The captain began exploring options to transfer the patient to a hospital.  The best plan was to increase the […]

Monday, Monday: Crossing the International Dateline

Yesterday it was Monday, and today it is Monday again.  The Diamond Princess crossed the International Dateline at the following position: Latitude 51º 45.3 North and Longitude 172º 18.5 East somewhere near the island of Attu in the Aleutian Chain.  Two Mondays!  What a way to begin the week.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, the low temperature is […]

Champage Breakfast in the Stateroom

The Diamond Princess sailed away from Japan heading out to sea for an eight day Pacific Ocean crossing to Alaska.  Once hot, sunny skies slowly became misty gray, low clouds spattered rain and temperatures cooled.  Soon the outdoor poolside lounges were abandoned for warm indoor nooks and crannies strewn about the ship with reading lamps […]

Tokyo, Last Port Until Alaska!!

Tokyo, Japan, is the last port on Bob and Gail Niebrugges cruise, next the ship begins the trip to Alaska crossing the International Date line sometime during the final week.  The couple visited The Sankeien Garden while in Tokyo, it was established in 1902 and contains mature Bonzai trees surrounding many ponds and trails with […]

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