Pen and Ink Drawing of Cafe Cups, Homer

“Cafe Cups” original pen and ink drawing by Gail Niebrugge, to purchase original call for price and availability. I’m working on some new small originals for my First Friday in August show at the Art Shop Gallery in Homer, Alaska. This drawing is of one of my favorite places to eat, Cafe Cups, located next […]

I Need to Draw and Sketch Today

One must always draw, draw with the eyes, when one cannot draw with a pencil. (Balthus) This quote really applies to me. Looking back over my last few Blog entries I can see that I have been storing images in my brain from the stimulus of my garden and nature. Even as a child I […]

Weeds of Fire

“Fire in the Woodpile” original pen and ink and watercolor painting by Gail Niebrugge, sold. The small kindling woodpile by the back door is almost invisible in the summer, smothered by tall weeds and swathed in fireweed. Stuff gets lost there, a bucket, a prize piece of wood, and things that are temporarily set on […]

Pen and Ink Drawing of the Kennicott

“Kennecott Complex” original pen and ink drawing by Gail Niebrugge, sold. Sometimes I just like to sit down at the drafting table and drag out my ancient crow quill pen nibs, dip them into a jar of india ink, and crosshatch, stipple, and squiggle may way into a wonderful ink drawing.  The old fashioned way.  […]

Architectural Embellishment

“Mc Carthy Lodge” original ink drawing by Gail Niebrugge, original sold, limited edition prints sold out. I return to the series of my early years living and painting in the Wrangell-St. Elias wilderness. The owners of the McCarthy Lodge during this era grew flowers and plants everywhere, tin cans full of herbs set along the […]

Mc Carthy Icon

“Mc Carthy Truck” original ink drawing by Gail Niebrugge, original drawing sold, limited editions prints sold out. Many years ago this wonderful truck graced the streets of the remote historic town of Mc Carthy and was one of only a few ancient vehicles in the community. To put things in better perspective, at that time […]

Sights along the McCarthy Road

“McCarthy Road” an original pen and ink drawing montage by artist Gail Niebrugge, sold. Back to the series about my early life as an artist living and painting in the Wrangell-St. Elias region of Alaska’s wilderness. Mc Carthy, one of my favorite places in the Wrangell mountains can be accessed by road, although it is […]

Woodshed with a View

“The Woodshed” pen and ink drawing by Gail Niebrugge, collection of the artist. On a rocky peninsula jutting out into the canyon 800 feet above a creek stood an amazing cabin with an even more amazing outhouse. This privately owned property is located many miles up the Nugget Creek trail and can be reached only […]

Nugget Creek Hide-a-way

“Nugget Creek Cabin” pen and ink drawing by Gail Niebrugge, collection of the artist. One of the few trails accessible by ATV in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, is Nugget Creek. It crosses quite a few streams as it follows the Kuskulana River about 15 miles to the public use cabin at Nugget Creek. We […]

Bear Proof Windows

Hannigita Heaven original pen/ink/watercolor by Gail Niebrugge. Sold. A plein air drawing of my Hannigita Lake retreat. I brought watercolor, pencils, pen and ink and gesso prepared masonite panels to use during my week at the lake. Inside we felt secure and safe from bears that roamed the area. Each window had a stout rusty […]

The “Airloose” Woodstove

“Airtight” pen and ink drawing by Gail Niebrugge. Sold. During our brief tenure in the Caribou Cabin we learned the art of keeping the woodstove drafted and banked. After a few months we moved to a place that had an oil burning furnace, or we would have frozen to death that winter. The cabin wasn’t […]

New Holiday Gift Art Print

Spring Cubs 8.5”x11” open edition $20.00 While in Denali National Park one June doing research for paintings, I was fortunate to be able to observe a sow Grizzly bear with twin spring cubs. This pen and ink drawing enhanced with watercolor is now available in an open edition fine art print just in time for […]

Bearflower Bear Art Print

Bearflower Bear 6.5″ x 6.5″ art print © Niebrugge This new miniature art print makes a perfect gift to tuck into a Christmas stocking for that special someone, or a thoughtful present for any special occasion.  Reproduced from an original pen and ink drawing enhanced with watercolor by Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge,  Bearflower Bear is […]

New Print for the Open House

“Musk Ox” Pen/ink drawing ©Niebrugge I always enjoy visiting the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska, and am particularly fond of watching the babies.  These animals have an interesting behavior, they tend to group together standing very close to one another side by side all in a row.  This drawing is now offered in an […]

Pen and Ink Drawing

Rika’s Roadhouse pen and ink drawing ©Niebrugge During the early 1960’s when I studied commercial art, the process used to create black and white artwork for publication involved producing ink drawings by hand using multiple techniques with pen and ink to create various shades of gray. Cross hatch, parallel lines, stipple, curves, squiggle, and any […]

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