And it begins…..

The trees are beginning to turn gold, where did summer go? Five days of rain in the forecast.


Yesterday I was pulling weeds and spraying weeds with Monsantos deadly Roundup, and today it is pouring rain. Rain in the forecast for the next five days. The wind is blowing up to 40 mph and rain is dumping. A good day for ducks.

Asiatic Lilies

The Asiatic Lilies are in full bloom right now in the perennial garden along the front porch. So beautiful!

Perennial Garden

Asiatic Lilies and Himalayan Blue Poppies in full bloom right now in the perennial garden along the front porch. The garden is alive in color!

Bald Eagle Sentry

A Bald Eagle has taken to the top of our Spruce tree along the edge of the lake, a good place to spot errant fish and small critters for a meal.

Scorched Hansa Rugosa

We had a pretty good heat wave last week and as a result my Roses suffered from lack of water. Generally the lawn sprinklers get the roses, but one tall rosebush blocked the water from the others. So we cut back the dead branches and leaves and watered heavily, I know they will survive but […]

Rob’s New Ride

Our son-in-law surprised us with a visit arriving on his brand-new motorcycle. Pretty spiffy! Have fun and be safe Rob!

Vege Garden 2018

We are trying some new plants this year, outdoor tomatoes and corn. Can’t wait. We are already having salads from the lettuce, I’m growing four kinds.

Mom Of Eight

There are three families of Mallard ducks nesting along the shore of our lake, they come up onto the lawn several times a day to eat the cracked corn that I put out. The babies are adorable!

Drowning On Our Lake Yesterday

Apparently a canoe tipped over around 2:30AM yesterday morning and one fellow drowned, the other swam to shore. They found the body by dragging the lake around 6:30AM. According to news reports they wore NO life jackets. How many times do we have to have this happen before people wise-up and wear a life jacket? […]

Male and Female Mallard

These two have been showing up on the lawn regularly, I have a feeling that some babies will be trailing along soon.

West End Ice

The Spring winds are melting the ice on our lake, and has blown it to the west end. When the wind changes it often piles up in our cove.

Barrow’s Goldeneye

This male and female Goldeneye stopped briefly this morning to feed in the cove. They are gorgeous ducks.

The Grebes are back!

The pair of Red Necked Grebes that nest here every summer have returned. Last year they hatched eight babies.

My Mallards have returned

Every year this pair of Mallards make a nest in my yard down by the lake, last year they had 8 babies! It is fun to watch them feeding and swimming. They come up on the lawn and I put some cracked corn out for them to feed.

Borough dumped gravel on my lawn

I asked the Borough to send someone with a rake, shovel and wheelbarrow to clean up this mess, but so far nothing. They say that this is the right-of-way and they can do anything the want with it. I’m sure they are right, but show a little respect or courtesy. There is a vacant lot […]

Snow Birds

The other day during the snow storm a flock of tiny birds swarmed my trees.

Big Snow Wednesday

It was so gorgeous last Wednesday with a fresh snow, but it didn’t last long because of the regular, recurring valley winds.

Old Laundry Room

The new washer and dryer are too big for the old laundry room, so we put them in the garage. Today the cabinet makers installed this beautiful storage system in the old laundry room. I’m loving it!

Big Snow

The other day we had a big dump of snow, and more is on the way for the next five days.

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