Art Students Hike/Sketch the Butte

A gorgeous sunny day marked a hike with the art students at the Palmer Arts Council Summer Arts Program for a day of sketching in the field.  An energetic group of budding artists followed me up the steep trail to the top of the Palmer Butte.  Clutching sketch books, back packs, and cameras we hiked, […]

Hikers Summit the Palmer Butte

A few of us girls are planning to hike together one day a week the first hike was yesterday, June 2.  In the middle of a clear, sunny day we drove two cars to the Butte trail in Palmer.  This time I knew better and parked one car at the north trail head and another […]

Butte Summit View South

Now that we know about the two Butte trails it is fun to run over there when the weather is nice and have a choice. This fine clear, sunny morning we chose the south/east trail and were rewarded with incredible views from the summit and more great research for my original painting reference files! The […]

West Butte Trailhead

The trail widened and gradually descended to a trailhead marked “West Butte Trailhead”. No map, no directions, nothing! There we were stranded on the opposite side of the Butte from where we began. To reach our car we had two choices, we could retrace our steps and hike back over the mountain or hike four […]

Butte Trail Bench

Even though the blowing dust obscured the view, we were protected on the west side of the Butte. This new upgraded section of the trail had lovely benches for hikers pause and rest and soak in the views. I photographed several beautiful scenes that could be used as reference material for original paintings. It was […]

Butte Trail Rope Handrails and Wood Stairs

We followed the new trail from the summit and were delighted that it ascended through trees on the wind protected side of the knoll. It is a lovely path with amenities, rope handrails and wood stairs make the climb a joy. More tomorrow, Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

New Surface on the Butte Trail

As we explored the summit of the Butte we found a new path covered in a heavy material using a web honeycomb pattern that looks like it will eliminate the erosion that plagued the old route. It seemed strange that we didn’t notice where this path joined the original main trail and that it wasn’t […]

Butte Summit

At the top of the Butte the views are awesome and well worth the climb. Today the mountains and glaciers in the distance were obscured by strong winds blowing glacier dust. A 360 degree panorama of glaciers, rivers and rich farmlands can be seen far below, a spectacular sight on a clear sunny day. More […]

Well-Worn Butte Trail

After the initial climb the well-worn path is easy to follow, years of use have grooved and eroded a track several feet deep in many places and switchbacks make the ascent easier. The exposed south/east side of the knoll can be very windy, we were often sprayed by blowing dust. More tomorrow, Gail Niebrugge, Alaskan […]

Butte Trailhead Stairs

The stairs carved into the hilside are misleading, if you look at the top of the photo you can see the steps end and a very steep, dusty powder trail begins. The climb is 835 ft. and we did it easily in less than 30 minutes. More tomorrow. Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

Palmer Butte Trailhead

It has been a few years since we’ve hiked the Butte Trail in Palmer, Alaska, it is a pretty straight forward 875 foot climb to the top of a knoll with commanding views at the top. We were surprised to see that passed through privately owned land, because we thought it was a borough trail. […]

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