“Rosebud” Miniature Painting SOLD

Original Painting by Artist Gail Niebrugge Original painting “Rosebud” Acrylic on canvas 5″ x 7″  Original Painting SOLD. This painting is a mixture of pointillism and brush techniques, but Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge  found it difficult to hold to pointillism on the tiny rosebud shape.  Niebrugge also lightened the background along the top third of […]

“Caribou One” Original Painting SOLD

Original Painting by Artist Gail Niebrugge Original Painting “Caribou One” acrylic on canvas 8″ x 10″ study in pointillism by Gail Niebrugge. Original painting SOLD. Alaska Artist Gail Niebrugge is satisfied with this miniature, and ready to start on another.  Artist Niebrugge said that it feels good to be painting again after a long convalescence […]

“Moose One” Miniature Painting SOLD

Original Painting by Artist Gail Niebrugge Original Painting “Moose One” acrylic on canvas 8″ x 10″ original pointillism painting. Original painting SOLD. To finish this miniature Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge layered more dots on the foreground foliage and finally developed the detail and form of the central figure.  These mini’s are studies, an up-close look […]

Months of Painting Dots Nearly Done

I’ve been working on the commission for the Palmer Courthouse since late June, the seven odd shaped panels propped helter skelter against the walls of my studio have become a part of me.  I’ve finally started to pull the dots together with some detail and the compositions are becoming three dimensional.  The devil is in […]

The Layering of Dots Continues…

The Palmer Courthouse commission consists of seven irregularly shaped panels, all quite large, and is requiring many, many, hours layering dots.  I’ve begun the second layer on all seven panels and will not begin the final details until all panels are at the same level of completion. The panels are taking on a very dark […]

The First Layer of Dots in Pointillism Painting

These thumbnail details show how beautiful and varied in color the first layer of dots are as I apply them over the loose brush stroke under painting on the seven panels for the Palmer Courthouse Entry. The key to my style of representational realism is choosing the correct values for the dots, any color can […]

The Beginning of My Pointillism

“Departure” 12.5″ x 30″ acrylic/watercolor painting ©1987 Sold. This painting represents a significant change in my style, a departure if you will, and the beginning of my use of the technique of pointillism (tiny dots of color).  In 1987 I was confined to bed rest for a myriad of back, neck and shoulder injuries so […]

The Mc Kinley Trail Painting Rests

I’m ready to let this painting rest for awhile, it might be finished, it might not.  I’ve been too close to it for too many days to be objective anymore.  This is the point where propping it up inside a studio mat and sitting it on the easel for a few days serves as a […]

Foreground in Pointillism

After a little touching up to the mid ground I’ve started adding pointillism (many small colorful dots) to develop the moss and grasses in the foreground.  One of the interesting aspects of this part of the Mc Kinley Bar Trail is the orange/red/gold mossy covering on the ground near the water.  Combined with the green […]

Details on Upper Half of Painting

I don’t usually go into detail at this stage of the painting, the bottom half remains untouched but for the under painted watercolor wash.  But something tells me that I won’t have a whole lot to do on the bottom half, it has a nice feel already, I’ll just pull it together with some darks, […]

Painting Dark Shapes

The sky and distant mountains are not finished, but their values are well enough established that I can move into the middle ground and plant trees.  I’ve defined the light and dark shapes of the middle ground but the foreground grasses have not been touched.  They remain as the original under painting at this stage.  […]

Applying Dots of Acrylic over the Gel Coat

I had forgotten how much fun it is to paint over the watercolor wash coated with acrylic gel, using acrylic paint in dots!  I love it and wonder why I quit.  The photo of the early phase of the painting “McKinley Trail” above shows that I’ve begun to fill in the sky using gradation from […]

Kennicott Glacier Melt Pool Originl Painting SOLD

Original painting by artist Gail Niebrugge Original painting “Kennicott Melt Pool” Acrylic on rag paper 10″ x 30″ matted and framed under glass, original painting SOLD, limited edition prints SOLD OUT. One day while poking around the rubble of the historic Kennicott copper mine looking for a fresh subject to paint or a new view, […]

Telling Tall Tales in McCarthy Original Painting SOLD

Original painting by artist Gail Niebrugge Original painting “Tall Tales” Acrylic/watercolor on rag board 9.5″ x 17″, matted and framed under glass , SOLD Part of Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge’s series of living and painting in the Wrangell-St. Elias region of Alaska. The telling of tall tales is an annual summer tradition in McCarthy, Alaska.  […]

More Frosty Trees

It is an artists paradise in Wasilla right now, the hoar frost is exquisite! Every time I look outside the windows of my studio I see another landscape that takes my breath away. The fog bank that has caused this is predicted to dissipate, soon another weather phenomena will dominate. Will we have more snow […]

“Wing Dancing” Painting Finished!

Details are complete, the painting is finished.  “Wing Dancing” 48″ x 60″ acrylic on canvas in pointillism showing Sandhill Cranes in the courtship dance.  It was fun and satisfying to paint something large, and took approximately nine weeks to complete. More bird paintings can be found on my website; wildlife. Gail Niebrugge, wildlife artist

Wing Dancing Painting Stage #13

Another day of painting and I’m still concentrating on the background around the cranes, whenever I think I’m ready to paint details on the birds I am distracted by the negative space around them.  Above is a close up showing the many dots and colors in the foreground grasses. I think the upper third of […]

Wing Dancing Painting Stage #12

At this point unless you can study each stage carefully and compare, the changes I’m making are subtle and may not be obvious.  I’ve added a lot of lighter colored grasses to the foreground, and began to darken the top third of the background in the left and right corners.  I’ve also blended the grasses […]

Wing Dancing Painting Stage #11

I’m working on refining all aspects of the painting, a little here, a little there, more variation of values in the grass and darkening the colors in the background behind the birds.  Next, I began work on the Sandhill crane wings, defining shapes and adding a some blur to the feathers at the wing tips.  […]

Wing Dancing Painting Stage #10

A close up detail of pointillism painted on the foreground grasses.  You can see many, many layers of color at this stage.  I’m concentrating on making the foreground beautiful close-up as well as from the distance.  A large variety of values and hues have been added as dots to form the grass. The above photo […]

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