Progress on Redington School Commission

Finally, some good progress on the Redington School Commission.  Once finished the panels will total 32′ in length.

Redington School Commission

The beginning of a 4 panel (32′) commission for the new Redington school under the Alaska Per Cent for Art in new schools program. Panels 2 & 3.

Streaky Background

Yellow and yellow green are notorious for needing second or third coats. See how streaky the first coat is in this photo. This is the beginning of one panel of four for the Redington School % for Art project. I’m getting ready to apply the second coat.

Redington Commission Begin Painting

I started painting the background on one of the four panels for the Redington School. Then, I ran out of paint. I’m waiting for my paint order to arrive before I can continue. I use Utrech acrylics from New York, and have been for nearly 40 years.

Redington School % For Art Project

I began sketching the images onto the 4’x8′ panels for the Redington School. Four panels will be joined together to create 32’x4′ image. An additional 4’x4′ panel will be mounted on a curved wall next to the main artwork. This is a fun job, and I will enjoy painting it, I should be ready to […]

Redington % For Art #1

I’m finally getting started on the commission for the new Redington Jr/Sr High School. This is the first of four 4’x8′ panels that will connect, creating a 4’x32′ long painting of Fireweed up-close. I can’t wait to get started, this will be a fun project to paint. I will post my progress from time to […]

Prepped Panels

My daughter-in-law Janine spent the day with us today and helped me prep the art panels for the Redington School. There will be 32′ of panels joined together for the wall in the gymnasium. We primed the panels with an acrylic primer, and I will add an acrylic bonding agent to the paint when I […]

Prepping Panels for Redington School

There are four of these 4’x 8′ panels of Sintra for the Redington School % for Art Commission. They will be joined to form a 32′ long art panel. In addition there will be a 4’x4′ panel on the adjacent curved wall. This will be fun, the subject is Fireweed! First I need to sand […]

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