Painting Atmautluak 17

Atmautluak dog team photo. Some of the participants for the Atmautluak village sled dog race were dressed beautifully, the gentleman standing on the sled wore a gorgeous coat made of fur! Perfect for twenty below zero. I became captivated by this event and shot photos all afternoon. An idea began to formulate for my painting, […]

Painting Atmautluak 16

Yupic village dog sled photo. Race day in the village of Atmautluak, Alaska, dawned bright and clear. It was cold, but without wind it was quite pleasant. I began to feel like a native, how could I think minus twenty below zero was pleasant? The frozen river that ran alongside town was alive with people, […]

Painting Atmautluak 15

Homes in Atmautluak, Alaska photo. With the thought in mind that I could paint an Atmautluak village scene at night showing the northern lights overhead, I began shooting close up photos of all the houses from the same vantage point. These close ups will provide needed detail for the finished painting. I worked at a […]

Painting Atmautluak 14

Oil drum pilings photo. I walked up and down the boardwalk every evening shooting photographs, my painting might show the village of Atmutluak at sunset, or maybe with northern lights overhead. I would need to photograph the village at dark and that would be tough to do. I packed so light that I didn’t bring […]

Painting Atmautluak 13

Yupic students photo. During my stay at the Atmautluak school, I gave art demonstrations during classes. I found a surprising number of very talented artists among the students. Here are two of my young Yupic friends from the school. Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

Painting Atmautluak 12

Atmautluak village, Alaska photo. One day I braved the wind and the chill factor and walked to the far end of town to see the full panorama of the village of Atmautluak, Alaska. This view says it all; the countryside is flat, devoid of trees, and the houses sit all in a row along the […]

Painting Atmautluak 11

Yupic eskimo home photo. I am still drawn to portray the village way of life and the modest homes of these happy Yupic eskimo people. Each day I scour the community for likely subjects for my painting for the Atmautluak school. This dwelling is decorated with a Wein Air sign on the outside. More tomorrow. […]

Painting Atmautluak 10

Yupic eskimo children photo. I am totally crazy about the wonderful, fun-loving Yupic eskimo children who live in the remote village of Atmautluak, Alaska. My research for subject matter for the commissioned painting continues, I only have a few days left, my visit is coming to an end. The school cook and the bi-lingual teacher […]

Painting Atmautluak 9

Outboard motor engine cover sleds photo. I shot a lot of film of the Atmautluak village Yupic eskimo children using outboard motor covers as sleds.  My subject matter search for the commissioned original painting for the school is leading me toward showing children at play.  The older residents are not outdoors much during the day. […]

Painting Atmautluak 8

Outboard motor engine cover sled photo. I’m still fascinated by the children of Atmautluak, Alaska. They are so happy and have fun with simple “found” objects for toys. Here an eskimo boy uses the engine cover from an outboard motor as a sled. I can’t quit mulling over using the idea of children playing as […]

Painting Atmautluak 7

Atmautluak village school and playground photo. The younger Yupic eskimo children spend a lot of time outdoors playing, and could be the subject for the original painting for the school.  But, showing the children at play would only represent a small segment of the community.  Because I’m living in the school I’ve become very aware […]

Painting Atmautluak 6

Yupic children sledding on the frozen river at Atmautluak photo. The Yupic eskimo children of Atmautluak village were fun loving and playful. The bitter cold and wind did not seem to bother them as they created toys from “found” objects. Here a group of children use outboard motor engine covers as sleds on the frozen […]

Painting Atmautluak 5

Yupic Eskimo boy, Atmautluak, Alaska, photo. Before long I became aware that I had a little Yupic eskimo friend who silently shadowed my every move. He never spoke, and always had a sweet smile. I became very attached to my little buddy while I photographed the village of Atmautluak, searching for reference material to use […]

Painting Atmautluak 4

Atmautluak village graveyard photo. The wind continued to blow for three days in the village of Atmautluak, Alaska, and the chill factor was often minus 50 degrees below zero. Although I wore a parka with a fur ruff on the hood, my glasses iced over and I often shot photos not knowing if the focus […]

Painting Atmautluak 3

Russian Orthodox church in Atmautluak. As soon as I settled my gear into a locker at the Atmautluak school I began to photograph as much of this remote Alaska Yupik eskimo village as possible. My photographs and sketches will serve as subject matter research for the proposed commissioned painting to be installed in the school. […]

Painting Atmautluak 2

Atmautluak airstrip in the wind photo. It was a short flight from Bethel to the Yupic eskimo village of Atmautluak, the flat white snow covered terrain extended as far as the eye could see. Not a tree in sight. The wind howled, blowing snow sideways across the landing strip, before I knew it I found […]

Painting Atmautluak 1

Bethel airport in the fog photo. In the early 1980’s I was selected to create a piece of art to be installed in a new school in the village of Atmautluak, located in the Lower Kuskowim Delta School District, Bethel, Alaska. This seemed like a great opportunity to learn more about Alaska, but I had […]

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