Yellow and Green

I love the beauty of the changing seasons.

Path to the Chair

The colors are slowly changing and this is a perfect spot to sit to admire the beauty of the coming Fall.

Changing Colors

Colors are changing, leaves are blowing, Fall is here. I saw some Termination Dust at the top of the local mountains.

Fungus on Stump

Originally what I thought were mushrooms growing in the woods turned out to be a fungus covering the old, rotting tree stump. Interesting!

Channel 2 News Anchorage, AK

As I was taking Princess for her daily walk we came upon a news reporter recording her story about the sign posted in our neighborhood. It was made by my good friend and neighbor and is designed to give information to deter a drug dealing group who live near her. The troopers have already been […]

Debris from the Brush Cutter

A borough brush cutter cleared the sides of our road and made visibility much better, especially at intersections. But, left messy debris in the aftermath. They sent a street sweeper to clear the paved road, but this dirt driveway is littered with splintered branches.

Neighbors Driveway Gone to Pot

My neighbor passed away recently and we miss him greatly, not only was he a good neighbor but he kept this driveway smooth and pristine. Please, someone else take over Gary’s legacy and restore this driveway to its original state.

Nine Degrees this Morning

It turned cold, this morning when I went to take puppy Princess for a walk it was nine degrees. We did a very short walk.

Our Road

The colors are stunning now. But, the wind is starting to blow and soon all the leaves will be gone. For now, I’m loving this.

Colors Changing Slowly

These are the woods along side the back yard, and I’m amazed at how green the Birch trees are. We are into our third week of September and everything should be blazing gold. I saw a little termination dust on the distant highest peaks, but it was very little. It has been a warm, wet […]

From Green to Brown

It is such a disappointing fall season this year, the leaves are skipping the golden phase and going from green to brown. Part of the reason might be due to the Leaf Minor that has invaded the leaves.

From Green to Brown

A closer look at the fall colored trees during my daily walk revealed leaves that seem to be damaged. These have gone from yellow to brown in about one week. They are covered with brown spots. I need to look this up, is it caused by an insect or worm? Very strange.

Weeds of Fire

Fall is on the way, the colorful leaves of the wildflower Fireweed are turning red. The woods are ablaze in color, beautiful!

Mushroom Time Again

This is the time of the year that all variety of mushrooms start popping out of the ground. It has been a pretty wet summer so I bet we see a bumper crop!

Cow Parsnip

More signs of the seasonal change approaching, the white Cow Parsnip heads are turning brown, they make pleasing, lacy patterns in the woods.

Apples in Abundance

My neighbors apple tree is loaded this year. Awesome!

Nasturtium Wall

Along my daily walk we turn around at the end of the road where this stunning wall of Nasturtiums grows. My neighbors yards are all so beautiful this year.

Fireweed Red

Most of the Fireweed leaves are green, but every now and then one that is all red will be among the green. Soon all the leaves will be red, the Birch yellow, and the landscape will become gorgeous in color.

Fireweed has Topped

The old adage says that once the Fireweed has topped it is six weeks until the first snow. Yikes!

First Color

Spotted while on my daily walk with the Princess. It won’t be long now and we will be engulfed in a sea of yellow leaves.

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