Cactus and Sheep

Our last few days in the high California desert have been windy and cold, this morning it is raining and snowing again in the surrounding mountains.  Nevertheless, the early wildflower bloom has been very nice.  I’m sorry I have to leave before the full bloom but happy to have found so many pockets of truly beautiful desert flora.  This is a magical place near Glorieta Canyon at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains.  The cholla and barrel cactus, and ocotillo were either blooming or in full bud.

while we were driving over Yaqui Pass scouting for new wildflowers a group of five Bighorn sheep crossed the road in front of our car.  I was able to snap a quick photo of two young rams as they continued to graze on the hillside above us.

Good bye Borrego Springs, we’ve had a wonderful visit.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska artist

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