Binding Acrylic Paint to Sintra

During the last several months I’ve been designing, fabricating and painting seven panels for the Palmer Courthouse Entry % for Art commission, it is a big project by my standards and will require tens of thousands of dots of acrylic paint when finished.  The project is being painted on one of my favorite surfaces, Sintra, a PVC product that is light weight and flexible.  To prepare the panels I lightly sand with 000 sand paper and thoroughly clean the exterior with denatured alcohol.  In order to increase adhesion to the non-porous surface of  Sintra I mix a binding agent in the first layer of paint, a liquid acrylic polymer emulsion GAC 200.  Using a large brush and broad strokes, I quickly lay down the under painting paying attention to the design and pattern of the darks and lights in the composition.

At this stage the paintings have a whimsical, colorful, abstract appearance that would satisfy many artists as the finished product.  Not for me.  I have a way of making painting very complicated by layering dots upon dots, a technique called pointillism.

The above photos are thumbnail details of the paintings during this first phase.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska artist

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  1. Exciting project and colour, Gail! I look forward to watching this progress!

    May God bless you as you work.
    Love, Noella

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