Begin Pointillism on “Wing Dancing” Painting


I slowly and carefully begin to apply the fist layer of small acrylic dots on top of the wild, abstract underpainting of Sandhill Cranes I’ve titled “Wing Dancing”.  My thought at this point is to create a rather neutral, bland, tan and gold background surrounding the camouflaged tan birds with only hints of the colorful underpainting showing through.  If I don’t like the look I will have to repaint the original dots with different choices of color, a big job.  But, I won’t know how it will look until I’ve tried and that is why pointillism takes so long.  Regular artists just slap on some color, and if they don’t like it, slather on another quickly with large brushes.  Pointillism is tedious, each dot of color applied with a small brush, layer upon layer until the results are acceptable.


Close up detail of the first layer of dots.   For some unknown reason I enjoy doing this, go figure.

Gail Niebrugge, painter of dots

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