Aurora Borealis Rayed Band Formation Original Painting SOLD

Original Painting by Artist Gail Niebrugge


Original painting “Night Light”

Acrylic on rag paper 28″ x 30″, matted and framed under glass

Original painting SOLD, limited edition prints SOLD OUT

Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge’s goal is to paint the northern lights in a unique way to show how truly awesome they are. The artist wants her paintings to stand out from the usual colored-sky-silhouette-tree approach that are quickly banged out on gold pans by the thousands for tourists.  As Niebrugge searched through her photo reference material she found that most of her photos of northern lights all look the same; blurry shapes of light in the sky and very dark, almost black foreground.  Niebrugge’s experience living in the wilderness of the Wrangell-St. Elias taught her that the aurora can really light up the darkness, as the lights reflect on the white snow the landscape becomes clearly visible.  A skilled photographer can capture this using a tripod and long exposures, but her hand-held photos didn’t.  So, without good photo reference the artist imagined this whole scene; a beautiful landscape with the rayed band formation mirrored in water.  As the painting progressed, Niebrugge still wasn’t satisfied. It needed another element, something subtle, not just the typical tree and cabin that everyone paints. The artist called the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and asked about the habits of the trumpeter swan and found that they migrate at night just before freeze-up. Perfect! Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge’s aurora borealis gave light for their flight that night. “As an artist,” she says, “I can create my own world where fantasy and reality are the same.”

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