Artist Observations at Murie Cabin


After the round trip bus ride to Wonder Lake and back we settled into life around the cabin for the rest of the day. I explored the fresh water creek to the south again looking deeper into the water, noting reflections, shapes of stones, the beautiful singular Grass of Parnassus flowers sprinkled like white pearls along the shore, and ended up in my favorite place on my log bench by the East Fork River. Out of nowhere appeared a nice bull caribou with a furry rack of antlers still in velvet. He stood forever, like a statue, perhaps chewing cud, and made not one motion. I watched him for a long, long time then strolled back to the cabin to summons Bob, on our return the caribou was gone, vanishing quietly into the wild. Later I followed his tracks right past my log bench continuing along the gravel bar close to shore, then disappearing into fast moving water near the bridge. These animals are silent and move without effort over all kinds of terrain. It was a privilege to share the same space on the East Fork River with this beautiful creature.

Gail Niebrugge, Denali Artist-in-Residence

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