Artist Niebrugge Walks Pismo Beach, California

PismoBeachPismo Beach, California, is one of the last beaches that can still be driven on with vehicles.  The long, vast scenic shoreline extends south into a area of sand dunes where ATV’s and dune buggies play.  Campsites sit nestled next to the dunes with views of the sea.  It is a great walking beach, where many, many folks jog, walk, play, and relax in the sunshine.  Others fish the surf, or ride the waves on surf boards, paddle boards, or jet skis.  Alaska artist Niebrugge and her husband Bob enjoyed two wonderful days in the area before heading north to Carmel.

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  1. Hey, good lookin’ couple!!!

  2. Enjoy your time ..

  3. Thanks buddy!

  4. Thanks Bunny!

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