And Then Came 50 Below Zero Farenheit Original Painting SOLD

Original painting by artist Gail Niebrugge


“50 Below Copper Center” original painting

acrylic on canvas 30″ x 40″ SOLD

Unless you grew up in Southern California like Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge did, you would not understand her fascination with changes in the landscape during the extreme winter temperatures along the Copper River, Alaska. Aside from the incredible cold, she was amazed by the silence. The river is silent, frozen solid very deep, and the sounds of wind moving through the leaves and grass are no longer heard, the world seems to stop for awhile. Hoar frost forms thick shapes along branches, roof tops, fences, and trees, and the low golden glow of the fleeting sun creates millions of diamond sparkles on the snow and in the frosty air. It is magic. Occasionally the silence is broken by the swishing sound of wings in the air as a solitary bird moves across the sky.  Niebrugge tried to paint this cold. The artist wonders, how do you paint cold? In this painting she used a lot of cool colors. All the colors on the colorwheel have a cool version, often found by mixing a color with its compliment. Cool yellow doesn’t seem possible, but it is.

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  1. Sure not going to show this picture to my husband! I am trying to get him to think of moving back to Alaska. You sure captured the quiet and the cold. Wonder if a picture like this would make the 100 degree temps here feel a little cooler?

  2. Jeanne;

    What I love about Alaska is nothing stays the same for long. We barely get our gardens growing when its time to put the hoses away. I like not having to tend a yard for half the year, maybe thats why I love gardening so much now. It was a chore in California because it was a year-round task. Keep working on your husband, it will be worth it!


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