Almost Finished Original Painting


At this stage in the development of a painting I let it rest for awhile, and think. It looks almost finished, but it is not. This is the time for some serious evaluation. I will turn the painting upside down and sideways, looking for compositional flaws. I haven’t added finished detail yet and save that for the very last. My first quick impression is that the seated figure needs some work, as does the garage door area of the house where the tree shadows seem weak. I’ll think on this while the painting is upside down. I’ll probably do some more work on the rock trim of the house as well, it looks a little strange at the moment. It is a little bland and does not read as rocks but more like multi-colored paint. Odd. I can become too familiar with what I’m painting and not see objectively. Let it rest, and think. I remind myself not to get caught up in the rush to finish.
More tomorrow,

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Pointillism Artist

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  1. It’s looking good, Gail, amazingly three-dimensional. Your colours are beautiful – alive! Again you have used your gift for drawing the viewer into your painting.

  2. Hello Noella;

    Thank you for your nice comment. Tomorrow you will see the finished product and better still, the client really likes it!


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