Wow, Sunshine and Crowds on Saturday

The above photo was taken outside of our booth around 3:00PM Saturday, sunshine at the Alaska State Fair drew huge crowds.  It was fun to people watch through the doors of our art booth, every shape and size was represented dressed in Alaska fun casual.  Sprinkled here and there were Fairdo’s,  hairdo’s with glitter and colorful streaks of purple, pink or blue, or stiffly shaped mohawks for the guys.  Music greeted everyone from all corners of the grounds, and with kids admitted free, glowing swords, bubbles, balloons and giant stuffed animals were the order of the day.  Smiles dominated.  It was a time to reminisce with old friends and make new friends.  This is one of the last warm days of summer where kids can run around in shorts and flip flops until 10:00PM, when it finally gets dark.  I love the Alaska State Fair!

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska artist

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