Wicked Ice Rain Cripples Alaska Roads

I am ever so thankful that we were able to drive home after the show with the loaded cargo trailer before the ice rain paralyzed traffic.  Monday morning I stepped out the door to fetch the newspaper and nearly fell, the driveway surface was as slick as if it had been smoothed with a zamboni.  The news blared warnings of snarled traffic, more cars in the ditches than tow trucks could handle, schools closed, Anchorage International Airport shut down, stay home was the message of the day.  And more forecast today Tuesday, November 23.  Snow is hard packed and slick, walking with ice cleats risky, time to hunker down, catch up the office or read a book.  Nasty weather; warm rain hits frozen ground.  The lake surface is water on top of solid ice, not a place to play.  Nighttime temperatures down to 20º, by late afternoon it is above freezing a perfect combination for disaster.  We have much to do inside catching up book work, unloading the cargo trailer, and storing art, staying home for a few days is not a hardship.  Hopefully this storm will pass before Thanksgiving or many travelers will be disappointed.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska artist

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