Tokyo, Last Port Until Alaska!!


Tokyo, Japan, is the last port on Bob and Gail Niebrugges cruise, next the ship begins the trip to Alaska crossing the International Date line sometime during the final week.  The couple visited The Sankeien Garden while in Tokyo, it was established in 1902 and contains mature Bonzai trees surrounding many ponds and trails with traditional arched bridges over waters filled with colorful giant carp, historic buildings are carefully nestled in the foliage.  It is a sanctuary in Japan’s second largest city.  Bob and Gail declined an opportunity to tour Tokyo, the largest city in Japan, preferring instead the quiet beauty of the gardens.  The couple braved the crowds taking a free shuttle from the gorgeous pier to the downtown train station and shopping malls, to find a wine shop.  A bottle of Kendall Jackson red wine cost $63.00 US.  They settled instead on some red wine from Chili to bring back to the room.  The Japenese people lined the rails of the pier including a lively band for the evening sail away, and the huge Diamond princess was escorted by several tugs and a fireboat shooting water from all of its hoses high into the sky.  The people waved flags, their arms, and took photos of the departing ship.  Earlier in the afternoon seven Japenese fighter planes flew in low formation over the ship decks leaving smoke trails, they dove and circled in perfect coordination for more than 15 minutes. What a tribute!  Tokyo is the sister city to San Diego, California, where the Niebrugges lived before moving to Alaska in 1976.


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