Sunshine in the Art Booth at the Fair

Wow, Tuesday was one of those days we all love in Alaska!  Sunshine from morning till night, and more forecast for Wednesday.  Tank tops and flip flops were the dress of the day at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer.  The afternoon sun streamed into our Art booth where I donned sunglasses and moved my chair near the door to soak in the warmth.  The grounds were very crowded for a weekday, many folks fessed up to calling work and taking the day off.  High spirits brought good sales, artwork on our walls is thinning out.  I started with paintings hung almost to the ceiling on our 10′ walls, when one sells I move others down closer to eye level.  It was a good day, and as always we saw many friends old and new.  Five more days and the Fair will be over for 2012.  Come on down!

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska artist

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  1. I guess I’d have to say, ‘I’ll come on UP!’ How I would love to!

    It sounds like another wonderful Alaska State Fair, with more of your beautiful artwork going out into the world.

  2. Wish you could be here Noella! Hugs.

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