Beginning a New Painting; “Skating Outdoors”


For this painting I’ve changed my approach and blocked in areas of color without using pointillism. Each painting is unique and I do not follow a formula for how to begin. This time I’m using a stretched canvas with only a light coating of Gesso primer, leaving the texture of the canvas quite pronounced. I need a smoother surface for the pointillism technique, so instead of layering many coats of primer as a base and sanding in between, I will use the first layer of paint as a primer to fill in some of the texture of the weave. It works o.k., not great but not bad. Eventually as I paint the first of many layers of dots the surface will shape up for what I need for the finish details. I really don’t get hung up on having everything “just right”, I’m more interested in getting into the painting and solving color problems. I will roughly follow the pencil sketch underneath but not be a slave to it, I will use it merely as reference.

More tomorrow,

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

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