Underpainting Big Birds

UnderpaintBigBirdsAfter lightly pencil sketching details onto the big birds I coated each panel with a transparent acrylic bonding agent.  After it dried I begin to loosely paint a neutral acrylic value to establish the patterns of light and dark on each bird.  Yesterday I finished five birds, today I will finish the last two and then begin the slow process of defining each bird with thousands of small dots of acrylic paint, a technique known as pointillism.  I’ve been using this technique for over 20 years and recent attempts to move to a less tedious technique seem to fail.  Somehow I am not able to get satisfactory results until I apply dots.  This is an Alaska % for Art Commission for the new Mat Su Day School, to be installed sometime in June.  A fun project.

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  1. ~~Awesome as Always~~

  2. Thanks Bunny!

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