Saved From a Scam by Veterans Day

I have been communicating with an art dealer in Bahrain for a week or more, they asked to purchase three original paintings. They gave me a credit card number for a deposit and I got a crate built and everything ready to ship yesterday. Well yesterday was Veterans Day so the crate was not shipped, it was to be shipped today. Meanwhile I get a call from the credit card company that a charge back was placed on my account. The thieves thought the crate was shipped yesterday so they charged back their payment to me. I called my crate builder immediately and asked them to STOP shipment. They did. So now I have a beautiful wooden crate, and my artwork, and the thieves have nothing except their money back. What a scam. Artists, be warned. Do not do business with these people, if you want names send me an email and I’ll name them.

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  1. We (the medical sales company I work for) got stuck with the cost of three or four defibrillators that went to Singapore in a similar scam. Except there was no holiday to stop it! I used to think a credit card sale was solid… guess that goes to show either my age or my naivete! (or both).

  2. Yes, from now on I will only do a bank transfer, their bank to my bank, or certified money order. I know it is my age and naivete.

  3. Noella Ross says

    Nasty experience! We are indeed living in a very fast-changing world.

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