Retrieving the Kayak

We’ve had some pretty strong winds lately, my lawn is littered with broken tree branches and leaves. Checking out the window on the lake side of the house I was stunned to see only one kayak on the dock. We store two there. Grabbing the binoculars I scanned the opposite shore and sure enough I spotted something red in the water. Life jacket and paddle in hand I powered over to the red object across the lake and sure enough it was our kayak, submerged! It was too heavy for me to tilt and drain, I’d planned to tow it back to our dock. I called on our neighbor, Dr. Mues, who quickly hopped into his boat and motored over to my submerged kayak. He was able to dump the water out and brought it back to our yard. Thank you John! Now both kayaks are safely stored in the big garage awaiting Spring thaw next year.

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