Red Fox at Talkeetna, Alaska

FoxWhispererDuring our two day stay at Talkeetna with our son, photographer Ron Niebrugge, and his wife Janine, we encountered this friendly red fox.  Ron stopped the car, hopped out and squatted down in the roadway,  the fox approached carefully, paused for a second, then turned and trotted away.  A magical brief encounter.  Later we saw him again near the lodge.  On the short drive from the lodge to downtown Talkeetna in a pond alongside the road are two gorgeous white Trumpeter Swan with three signets, who will soon migrate south.  Meanwhile they provided wonderful viewing as they grazed for food, dipping heads into the water to pull up a salad of weeds.  We enjoyed a relaxing time with good food, great food, and more food.  We celebrated Ron reaching the half century mark on his birthday, with that being said, I’m beginning to feel a bit old.

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  1. Great Picture..

  2. Thanks Bunny!

  3. Neat ……what a close up …..

  4. It was a sweet experience!

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