SOLD “Puffin” Original Painting by Gail Niebrugge


Original Painting by Artist Gail Niebrugge

Original Painting “Puffin”

acrylic on canvas 5″ x 7″ by Gail Niebrugge.

To purchase call for price and availability.

Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge made the adjustments to the composition as she worked on the painting “Puffin”, creating a comfortable, finished image.  This little original painting might be used someday as part of a major, larger work, and is now offered for sale.


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  1. Delightful, Gail!

  2. Thanks Noella, these have been fun to paint!

  3. Sherry Myers says:

    Gail, How did I not know you had done a puffin?? You are not making any prints of this one? I see the original sold. Would love to have a print. Sherry

  4. I could make a print or two for a special order.

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