Beginning a Pointillism Painting Study of a Loon

We’ve lived on the lake for six years, after months of research and observation I’m feeling comfortable in my knowledge painting some of the summer inhabitants.  One of my favorite waterfowl is the Common Loon, these magnificent flashy birds rule the lake.  Slowly cruising the surface periodically diving for food, other ducks and birds cut them a wide berth.  Unfortunately it has been a decade since any young have been born, soon these old birds will die and our lake will be abandoned, we will miss the beautiful haunting call and their formidable presence.  I’ve been told that there is too much activity, damaging wakes from big horsepower motors, for the nests to survive.  Can we do something to protect these gorgeous birds?  This miniature 5″ x 7″ canvas is a perfect size to begin a “study” of the Common Loon.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska wildlife painter

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  1. How sad about the loons, Gail. I know which I was rather be on the lake!

  2. We are trying to get the boats to slow down near shore, the regulations call for 100′ no wake from shore but they are not posted anywhere. Worthless.

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