Pointillism Detail 33

This is an overview of the last three or four blog entries that featured close up details of the Kennicott original painting showing some of the mill buildings, the glacier moraine and the distant mountains. Extensive pointillism has been used on the buildings, the moraine is nearly complete, but the distant mountains are just roughed-in with one layer of dots and the snow of Mt. Blackburn is the white of the canvas at this point.
Overview 6.jpg
And, here is the way it looks after changes to some of the moraine, the glacier ice, the midground ridge and distant mountains. My pointillism is nearly complete in this overview with the exception of fine details that will be added at the very last moment. As I evaluate this I think I need to punch up some of the shadows in the deep glacier crevice and darken the moraine around the glacier ice. I’m also not comfortable with the identical row of small humps in front of the midground ridge, they are too regular. The snow on Mt. Blackburn needs a few more distinct shadows. I’ve still got work to do.

More tomorrow.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

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