Pointillism Detail 32


A section of the Kennicott original painting showing Mt. Blackburn, no paint has been added yet to the white areas of snow. The pointillism in the sky is partially complete, the purple ridge is underpainted only, and the green ridge in front is partially finished.


At this stage I have used many, many more layers of dots in the sky, they are very dense and overlap each other. The snow on Mt. Blackburn has been underpainted, and dots are defining the purple ridges. The green ridge in front has been given more definition with the addition of darker dots.


Nothing new has been done to the green ridge in front or to the sky, I concentrated on the subtle hues in the snow and purple mountains. I think I might need to make some of the shadows on the snow a few shades darker, but will wait until I’m a little closer to the finish before I decide.

More tomorrow.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaskan Artist

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