Pointillism Detail 31


A section of the distant mountains in the Kennicott original painting showing several layers of pointillism on the ridge to the left, and mostly underpainting on the purple ridge.Mountains3.jpg

A lot of changes have taken place in this detail, the sky was darkened, pointillism applied to the distant ridge and much more intense color is used on the ridge to the left. The glacier ice is defined by multi-colored dots.


Here I’ve started adding more intense blues and blue purples to the distant mountains and some more color to the glacier ice. I also lightened the sky behind the mountain tops.

More layers of dots are added to the mountains. I’ve blended the distant trees into the shadows of the hills, this gives more of an illusion of distance. I added more white to the glacier ice, killing the yellow and I like it better for now. Not much more detail will be added to this section because it depicts distance, the details are saved for elements in the near vision.

More tomorrow.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaskan Artist

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