Pointillism Detail 27

Above is a section of the Kennicott original. I’ve chosen this detail to illustrate the progress of pointillism in the underpainted glacier moraine area of the background. The foreground has a fair amount of pointillism at this stage, and a few dots begin to define some of the crevices on the moraine.Overview4.jpg

I have further defined the dark crevice with highlights and shadows using pointillism, and much more color has been added to the light colored moraine in the midground.


At this point I gave more definition to the shadows in the midground and I added shades of white to tone down the distant glacier ice at the base of the mountains giving the illusion of depth. Mt. Blackburn has not been painted yet, the white is still the original board. I’m saving Mt. Blackburn for last, the mountain looms very large at this point and does not yet give the feeling of depth. This will change soon. You can also see some of the almost finished pointillism on the buildings in this detail.

More tomorrow.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

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