Pointillism Detail 26

The above detail shows the underpainting on a section of the background glacial moraine in the Kennicott original painting. At this point I have added pointillism to the trees on the distant mountains.Moraine3.jpg

The above photo shows that I have greyed back some of the dark shadows to give depth, and added pointillism to the midground of the moraine. I also started to give definition to the foreground ridges.


Next I have highlighted the edges of the foreground ridges and separated them from the background by darkening the midground with pointillism. Pointillism is used to define the shapes of the foreground hills. I use more intense color in the foreground, it becomes less intense as it recedes into the distance, creating the illusion of depth.

More tomorrow.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaskan Artist

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