Finished Aurora Borealis Painting!


There!  It is finished.  Boy, does this one have a lot of tiny dots!  That is what was needed to make the lights in the sky look soft.  I’ve titled it “Northern Lights,” image size 18″x24″ acrylic on canvas.  You can see the dense layers of dots in the photo detail below.


Right now we are traveling to Sydney, Australia and then sailing around New Zealand and will be gone for the next few weeks.  I may not have internet access and may not be able to post to my Blog.  If I can post, I will, otherwise I will catch up when we return.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska landscape artist

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  1. Wow! That was fabulous watching you develop that scene.

    What a wonderful feeling you have captured in this brilliant work of art. I love it! Thank you for sharing its progress.

    Gail, best wishes to you and your husband as you journey to Australia and New Zealand. I am only sorry we live so far away on the other side of Oz or we would have loved to have met you.

    With prayers for safe travel and new adventures,


  2. Thanks for sharing the stages of painting “Northern Lights.” It is a beautiful piece, and I’ve really enjoyed the daily email updates. Been interested in Pointillism since first admiring Seurat’s “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.” Thank you for the insight.

  3. We had a chance to see original Monet paintings while in New Zealand, I must admit to see the impressionists up close and personal is awesome. I’m itching to paint again.


  4. thanks Noella,

    I can’t wait to be back to the studio and begin something new from our trip. Australia and New Zealand are wonderful!


  5. Hi Gail this is a fantastic painting its beautiful, have you ever seen nacreous clouds have you ever thought about painting them, they are beautiful the colours in them are amazing. I saw a brilliant display of nacreous clouds in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1996, I wish I had my camera i was on my way to work. The sky was peach colour and the edges of the clouds was the colours of rainbows also the inside of the clouds were amazing colours.
    I never forgotten what they look like I think the aurora and nacreous clouds are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Maybe you can see them from Alaska, I think as a subject matter would look stunning in one of your pointillism paintings, all the best Lesley

  6. Thank you Lesley;
    I have never seen nacreous clouds, now I’ve GOT to SEE them!!! They are probably as elusive as the aurora. Thank you for telling me about them. By the way, the Northern Lights painting is already sold, our buyer came to the booth in Fairbanks. The folks in Fairbanks really understand the aurora, they see it regularly.

  7. Hi Gail you have a good chance of seeing them they are polar stratospheric clouds you see them near the poles. If you go onto the website and then click on high atmosphere then you will see some amazing pictures. This is a fantastic website, I have one photo on it under iridescence in clouds taken in Southampton. Its amazing what you can see when you know where to look. For nacreous clouds just before sunrise and just after sunset. I have only seen them once. Another website is for the aurora they can let you know when the aurora is active. Alaska would be good place to see haloes around the sun. I was thinking of you when I heard about Mt Redoubt erupting I was hoping you arent affected too much with the ash. all the best Lesley Jennings from Scotland

  8. Hi Lesley;
    I see halos around the sun often, up here they are called “sun dogs” and the story is that when a sun dog appears it will snow soon. It is usually true. We have extensive aurora forecasting in Alaska, and unfortunately because the sun is not active with sun flares the aurora is going to be hard to find for the next few years. We just finished 4-5 years of very active aurora borealis. Thank you for the links, I’m going to study the information and see if it is possible to see nacreous clouds here. Back when I was a pilot I would often see circular rainbows directly in front of the airplane and I’ve heard other pilots say the same. Isn’t nature wonderful?

  9. Yes I agree nature is wonderful, its amazing what you can see some times, I have a photo of a red rainbow a rainbow that was seen at sunset. A rainbow is a full circle but normally on the ground the land gets in the way of seeing the full circle. Nacreous clouds seem to be seen more frequent in Norway Sweden and Finland, and Antartica. I dont know if they can predict them happening like the aurora Im not sure. I have some photos of noctillicent clouds they are the heighest clouds you can see. all the best happy painting Lesley

  10. Thanks Lesley, you are a wealth of information.

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