Painting Values on Big Birds

BigBirds2My studio has been invaded by a bunch of birds!  Yesterday I began to establish values on the big birds, painting shadows and highlights.  The birds are all in a state of very rough under painting, but are taking shape.  I will continue to layer paint, no doubt start adding pointillism next until they begin to look life-like.  Once I’m satisfied that the big picture has been achieved, I’ll finish them with detail.  We’ve got quite a ways to go these birds and I, but I feel comfortable that I’m on the right track.  I have rotator cuff surgery in a little over a week from now and won’t be able to work on them for awhile afterward, so now is the time to make progress.  I’m enjoying this project.

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  1. They are all flat right?? you do magic & they all look 3D.. ~AWESOME~

  2. Yes Bunny, they are all flat. Thanks, Gail

  3. Noella Ross says

    Flat? I thought they were 3D models!

    Your artwork is amazing, Gail! I keep looking and find it hard to see them flat and not 3D!

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