Painting the Color of Ice Again


There, I think I’ve found the color of ice. It looks like it is in the sun, but not as bright as the snow. Whew, that little section of the painting has many layers of dots! Next I’ll begin to finalize the figures and the snow covered trees. People often ask; “how long does it take to paint a painting?” Well…….it depends on how quickly I can solve problems. This one is relatively small, 18″x24″, but it has taken me longer than some of my larger works. Each canvas begins with a set of problems to resolve, unless I paint the same scene over and over again (which I don’t because it would be insanely boring), the solutions are all new. Depending on how long it takes to tame the beast, sometimes the first brush strokes are perfect, other times it will take forever. Most fall somewhere in between. No matter what the dilemma it is usually an enjoyable experience. But, this ice will take awhile for me to appreciate.

More tomorrow,

Gail Niebrugge, Painter of Snow Scenes

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