Painting Pointillsim Detail to the Mid-Ground

Detail of the middle ground in the Mendenhall Glacier painting.

I’m nearing the final stages of the glacier painting and now is the time to begin to add detail. I do this by using much smaller dots. The maze of underlying colors from the previous layers of dots give the painting multiple dimensions. I’ve darkened the darks with many values of deep color and added lots of light dots to enhance highlights and create depth. Notice that the green bushes on the spit of land in the distance are a much grayer green, and have softer darks and highlights than the bushes along the foreground shore. The illusion of distance is achieved by the careful selection and mixing of color. I will not paint every single leaf and branch, but by using judicious placement of values the essence of fine detail emerges. The top and bottom thirds of the canvas are still awaiting the painting of detail, then I will add the bird on the ground.

More tomorrow,

Gail Niebrugge, landscape painter

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