Painting Final Detail


It seems like ages since I’ve painted but I’m back to the easel again and I finally finished the acrylic painting “Skating Outdoors”!  Yahoo!  After changing the color of the boy’s jacket three times, I’m satisfied with dark green. The finish detail included adding more definition to the trees in the background, punching up the darks and lights on the foreground trees, softening the shading on the distant mountains, lightening the cast shadow of the skaters, and defining detail on the figures. This strikes me as a sweet little painting, nostalgic, depicting a moment in time in a beautiful place.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Landscape art

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  1. Gail,

    I just knew you couldn’t ‘ruin’ a painting – your ‘adjustments’ are just far rarer than for those of us who are so much less experienced.

    Another beautiful painting. Yes, very nostalgic – reminds me of my childhood in Maine.


  2. Sandi;

    My adjustments are not as rare as you think, I just breeze through them and don’t let them get me down. I’m glad I took the time to show a correction (the brown ice), it brought quite a few comments via email. Unless you go out on a limb and try things, and quit being safe, you won’t know how it will look. Sometimes these experiments actually work!


  3. your painting looks great! i love the one with brown ice it was so funny! i hoe you have a whole lot of cool paintings.

  4. Thank you Reilly;

    We had a wonderful time at Thanksgiving with you and your family. I will keep on painting and hope you enjoy.


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