Our Son’s Birthday Bash in Seward, Alaska

DinnerChinooksFrom left to right, Janine’s sister Michele and brother-in-law Barry from Brea, California, Bob, son Ron, and daughter-in-law Janine having dinner at Chinook’s on the waterfront in Seward, Alaska, before the big party.chinooksThe view of Seward’s Harbor from the upstairs at Chinook’s where the birthday bash was held last Saturday night.  A good time was had by all.  Bob and I, being the oldest by more than 20 years, retired way before the party ended.  The drive home from Seward the next day was made during the first snowfall of the season along the Seward Highway in the pass.  Winter is on the way!

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  1. Noella Ross says:

    Wonderful photos and memories!

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