Original Painting “Spirit of Flight” SOLD

Original Painting by Artist Gail Niebrugge


Original painting “Spirit of Flight”

Acrylic painting 26″ x 48″ on Sintra panel

Original painting SOLD, limited edition prints available

One day while sorting through her Trumpeter Swan research file, it occurred to Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge that she had been given a gift that she was not acknowledging. Instead of searching in vain for the perfect shots of swans in repose to use in a composition, the artist had tons of great information on the giant birds in motion! At last, a use for all those miserable shots of swans flying away. Since that revelation artist Niebrugge has completed two paintings using this subject matter, and they are successful. The first one, “Departure” was small and quite conservative, many years later the artist was commissioned to do this very large version with changes to the colors and arrangement of the birds and it was an instant success. The lesson learned; don’t seek subject matter with a preconceived idea. Keep an open mind and stay flexible.


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