Original Painting Documentation


Two of Alaska’s finest photographers, actually two of the United State’s finest photographers, live in Wasilla, Alaska.  Recently, husband and wife Fred and Randi Hirschmann approached me with an idea to experiment photographing and digitizing my paintings.  It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  One snowy day I hauled “Juneau’s Glacier” to the charming log home/studio hidden in the woods and learned a lot about photography.  Both Randi and Fred are perfectionists, it is very evident in their work.  We used Randi’s dog photography studio to set up the shot where they made 4×5 transparencies and digital images for me.  Then we spent time in the production office where Fred used a big Hasselblad scanner to give me a perfect digital image!  The above photo shows Randi and Fred using string in a creative effort the find the center of the canvas, from the center they shot a lazer back to the center of the lens.  Lots of adjustments with umbrella lights and a light meter were used to eliminate any glare and to ensure the strobe lights were evenly placed so that all corners of the canvas were lit equally.  What a pleasure it is to use such an accurate digital image.  I really appreciated their efforts on my behalf.  Thank you Randi and Fred!

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska glacier artist

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  1. I love that new image!

    Looks like Fred and Randi are doing an awesome job with photographing your original. I’m not surprised!

    By the way, the local Moab newspaper just wrote a nice review of Fred’s new book on Utah.


  2. Thanks Ron,

    I’ll let Fred and Randi know about the review. Your new photographs of Utah make me want to get on an airplane and go there. They are fantastic!



  3. Thanks!

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