On the 8th Day Artist sees Denali


A heavy frost coated the ground in shimmering crystals as I hurried through the morning chores, the sun streamed, no clouds in sight and I was in a frenzy to see the mountain. Driving at daybreak the road was mine I was giddy with anticipation, cresting Stony Dome I gasped at my first glimpse of the glacier clad monolith covered in brilliant snow, struck speechless by its beauty. Bart’s forecast was correct! Yahoo! Denali dominated the landscape resplendent without comparison. I will never grow tired of this amazing mountain.


With a light day pack on my back and camera case on my waist I took several short hikes around Eielson seeking a new perspective. With this set-up I can manage alone quite well. The new Visitor Information Center blends into the landscape perfectly with well-maintained trails that are a joy to hike. Exhausting all compositional possibilities I gambled with my fuel and decided to drive the rest of the road to Wonder Lake. If the weather held I might find a new view of Denali from the west end of the park, I reasoned. With gear piled high on the seat beside me I began the drive down the narrow dirt road toward Wonder Lake.

Gail Niebrugge, Denali Artist-in-Residence

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  1. Hooray! At last! It’s huge!

  2. At last! Gail

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