SOLD Niebrugge Painting Pond Lily Leaves

Alaska Artist Gail Niebrugge

FloatingLeaves72dpi“Floating Leaves” 22×30 watercolor/acrylic on rag paper, framed 32×40 under glass

Original Painting SOLD

This painting has an interesting history, the image below is the original version painted in 1986.  Niebrugge submitted it with an article she had written for an artists magazine and was shocked when she saw that it was published upside down.  After much deliberation and thought, Gail decided that the painting wasn’t finished and began to re-paint over top of the original, the final version of “Floating Leaves” shown above was finished in 1988.


The following is an excerpt taken from her journal about her thoughts on this painting;  “Instead of focusing on the hugeness of the Alaskan landscape, I sometimes enjoy the tranquility of nature up-close.  Some of the most interesting places to do this are at the many scattered ponds in the Copper River region of the interior of Alaska.   Alive with lily pads, leaves, insects and small fish, these ponds are a reflection of the daily weather.  Pilots out of reach with radio transmission in this wilderness region use the surface of these ponds to tell them the direction and velocity of the wind.  The water surface can be a perfect mirror on a calm day, or blue/gray on a cloudy day as shown in the painting Floating Leaves.”  Gail received her private pilots license in 1978 and flew her own Cessna 170B all over the Wrangell-St./Elias region of Alaska for a number of years.

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