My Shredder Bit the Dust….

After three days of shredding files my shredder bit the dust, it will only run in reverse spitting wads of confetti sized paper out the top.  One of the pitfalls of a home office is that unless we fix broken stuff ourselves, no one else will.  The remote phones are not holding a charge, so I might as well purchase batteries for them while I’m out.  The smoke alarm at the top of the stairs starts beeping about 5 hours after a battery replacement, don’t know what to do about this other than remove the battery and render the alarm useless, I guess a call to the electrician is in order.  We just refurbished the security system, it kept sending signals that the doors were being tampered….new batteries fixed that issue.  Oh, how we rely on electronic gadgets today to keep functioning, some days we can’t live with ’em but most of the time we can’t live without ’em.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska artist

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  1. Isn’t this sort of thing frustrating! It’s like it has been built for so many miles of paper input, then it’s fit to be shredded itself as scrap metal!

    I find this use, break and throwaway expectation so hard. We always fixed things, but it is not the case anymore. New things may be heaps cheaper these day, but they definitely have a built-in shorter life. At Christmas our grandsons and their cousins were given $15 remote control cars by one of their aunts. A few hours later all but one had broken and were chucked into the bin with the wrappers and day’s rubbish. It is today’s way, but even when I have to do it, I feel really guilty.

  2. I agree, it bothers me too that things are made today to throw away. I wasn’t raised like this, we always saved and fixed, and fixed again. Anyway, the new shredder cuts in two directions and reduces the paper to a smaller pile. I do like this 🙂

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