Murre/Puffin Rookery

We had a fabulous trip to view brown bears and watch the early nest building of seabirds, Murres and Puffins, at an island rookery in Cook Inlet, Alaska.  The photo above shows me climbing over rocks to gain a closer view of the birds.  This area was an incredible natural rock garden with early blooming wildflowers, moss and grasses growing in beautiful harmony.  The extreme tides of Cook Inlet (27′ at the peak) made waders essential to disembark the boat.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska wilderness artist

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  1. Ginger Cruver says

    How far did you have to wade in from the boat? It looks mighty flat there. It makes me think of Mont St. Michel in NW France where the tide comes in in (lateral) feet per minute.

    Looking forward to some bear images. 😉

  2. We had to wade about 100 yards, it was a good workout! When the tide goes out they can’t bring the boat back into the cove. As the tide continued to go out the boat was beached high and dry.

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