Moving into Mountain House


To reach the mountain house we loaded our gear onto the two small plastic sleds that were provided, donned our skis and started our trek uphill.  It was slow work for two slightly out of shape middle aged explorers.  At first we piled everything on each sled as high as we could, but the flimsy unstable plastic would easily tip the contents at every bump in the trail.  My best recollection is that it took each of us five trips apiece before all our provisions were delivered to the cabin.  We grew warm from exertion and the sun reflecting off the brilliant white snow and were soon soaked with sweat.

The silence was amazing, all we could hear was our labored breathing and the swish, swish, swish of skis.  The trail was marked with orange posts and at first I wondered why, we could see the cabin at the top of the ridge, but soon realized the entire area was riddled with deep crevice’s some hidden by weakened snow bridges.  It was dangerous, and not a place for the feint of heart.  Yes, it was dangerous, and awesome, and stunning all at once.  I couldn’t believe my good fortune for being able to stay at such an incredible place, full of history, beauty, a truly pristine wilderness.  I was excited and at the same time a little afraid, we were there without any form of communication for three days, there was no turning back or way to change our minds.  I realized it was time to check my emotions, settle into camp and go about the business of learning about how to live on a glacier.

More tomorrow,

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska artist

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  1. Noella Ross says:

    How exciting, Gail!

    I am back on the Internet after 2 1/2 weeks waiting to be reconnected after selling our house and moving into rental accommodation until our new home is built.

    I have lots of interesting catching up to do! I wonder how your story will unfold!

    Warm wishes,

  2. Nice to see you back Noella! We have built six houses in our lifetime, it is a fun exciting project. Best wishes, Gail

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